Client Testimonials

Learn how Paro has become a trusted partner to our clients by delivering the specific outcomes they need to achieve their business goals.

{Charlie's support is appreciated. I particularly like it when he offers suggestions and recommendations for best practices -- I would like for him to do this even more.
Melissa S.
Contract Controller
{My businesses are somewhat complex, at least the fact that there are so many elements to keep track of, and Paro's accountant does a wonderful job with each of them.
Paul B.
{Our Paro Financial Professional, Kevin, is so easy and pleasant to work with. Really takes the time to understand my goals, formulate a plan and then execute it.
Amy A.
{The bookkeeper we are working with through Paro is a rockstar -- The best decision I've made to help my own booming freelance business grow.
Courtney M.
{Our Paro Accountant, Inez, is the most competent accountant I have had the pleasure of working with. I cannot recommend her enough due to her clear understanding of accounting processes and tools, and her attention to detail and quality. She is an absolutely lifesaver and I am so glad she is helping us.
Renee G.
Executive Director
{Paro is quickly becoming a trusted business partner. Their freelance bookkeeper not only expedited the clean-up of my books, but she also looks ahead and communicates other opportunities to stay ahead of reporting.
Jonyce B.
{Paro was a great partner during our time working together (over 3 years). Our organization went from being in financial infancy to early adulthood, and Paro's freelance CFO was paramount in that transformation.
Alejandro P.
{I have worked with about 10 bookkeepers so far. Paro's freelancer is hands down the most professional, fast, and easy to work with. She has the perfect balance between flexibility to accomodate our company's needs and strict adherence to GAAP. I am very happy to keep working with her, and if I can, I will take her with me to my next company as well.
Celine H.
{No constructive criticism as Devin, our Paro tax professional, did a great job handling our tax needs. I was especially impressed with how Devin was proactive on his approach to make sure we captured as much value related to tax credits as possible.
Baruch L.
{Paro's accountant is on top of sending out our invoices and has even brought some issues to our attention to get resolved. She has helped us work through some billing issues as well.
Justin C.
Managing Partner
{Our Paro professional, Jonathon, is a pleasure to work with. His proactive approach combined with his thorough communications takes the stress out of the lodgement of our accounts with both the state & federal governments.
Richard E.
{Paro was very adaptable as we worked through the pilot of this particular outsourcing process. It was clear their experts had the relevant industry experience.
Rose P.
{Paro's expert team worked diligently to get our files corrected and reconciled with our banking accounts in addition to researching ways to better handle our vendor payments. They have helped me tremendously.
Laurie S.
{Paro offered refreshing ideas for how to streamline our operations to make them more efficient. Their team was consistently helpful, intelligent and thoughtful.
Deborah B.
{The Paro bookkeeper has been absolutely amazing. She is a great communicator and has been very responsive when I have questions or deadlines. I so appreciate her ability to independently get tasks done within our organization's timeline. She has been a pleasure to work with!
Carolyn H.
Executive Director
{Paro's freelance CFO is adding value as a mentor and providing great business insight in other ares. I am very pleased so far with the arrangement and look forward to the future.
Steven L.
CEO and Co-Founder
{Our Paro bookkeeper was on of the best, if not the best I have ever worked with. He is extremely proficient at what he does and provides consistent communication and always is accessible.
Scott C.
{Our Paro accountant, Kairy, is amazing! She has really helped me get our books straight. She is very professional and has followed through on everything she commits to.
Ryan C.
{We were in a strange situation this year because of our experience with last year's CPA, a problem compounded by Covid-19 and the temporary closures of the IRS. Ali, from Paro, was very helpful in advising and helping us work through this in the best way possible.
Elizabeth W.
{Paro's CFO services went above and beyond, exceeding what we expected and positioning us incredibly well for the next steps that now need to be taken. In addition to working through the financial plan, the freelancer also acted as an advisor to me on complex decisions.
Jonah T.
CEO and Founder
{Paro's CFO services have been invaluable in assisting us to better understand and improve our accounting system. The freelance CFO has been extremely effective at adjusting our practices and assisting us in reporting for future financing and possible acquisitions.
Paul H.
{Our Paro tax consultant has been extremely helpful in correcting past filing issues, state unemployment and tax issues. He ensures all deadlines are met and filings done accurately. He worked with me to proactively prepare for the 2020 tax year as well so that we would be ready to file as soon as December closes. Very pleased with his support.
Jonathan M.
{The Paro tax expert ensured that I paid the least tax possible under the tax code and gave me insight on how I might be even more efficient in years to come.
Bobby S.
{Our Paro bookkeeper has done so much to help us and coach us in understanding best practices and efficient use of our financial software. Bookkeeping was a large source of stress to us but is now something we know we don't need to worry about. All we needed was a guiding hand and, instead, we've been given an angel.
Mark H.
{Jennifer, our Paro audit specialist, is exceptional caring and truly gives you personalized, efficient and professional service that goes above and beyond. She is excellent at her work and I am thrilled to have her as our bookkeeper.
Deanne I.
{Paro's services have given me something that I have not had in years -- peace of mind and a Profit and Loss Statement!
Tim L.
Creative Director and Founder
{The Paro accountant's resourcefulness and considerable attention to details and deadlines have been a huge support to our team and organization.
Lourdes M.
Senior Director, Finance and Operations
{Our Paro CFO is a great colleague, providing excellent services and deliverables. Her expertise has been invaluable to our team.
Stephanie I.
{We clearly needed a strong partner who communicates quickly and clearly when issues arise. Our Paro expert was a bright spot as we navigated the challenges brought on by 2020.
Paul B.
{I should have done this years ago. The burden that has been lifted is amazing.
Elisabeth O.
{Our Paro expert has uncovered many of the problems we thought might exist and has given solutions to each one.
Jim B.
{Paro has been the best investment we've made in the future of our business. Our expert's technical skills are fantastic, and she is easy to work with.
Shanon M.
{I was a little shocked to see how out of sorts our finances were, and am very grateful for the expert who cleaned things up so much for us. Looking forward to using this as a solid foundation for our business to build a forward-looking budget!
Dan L.
{We are so grateful to have Paro's help with our growing businesses! Our Paro expert has helped us streamline and increase efficiency 100x!
Brennan B.
{We needed an accounting overhaul badly, and Paro's accounting services were the answer we were searching for.
Jesse T.
{Not only did Paro help me streamline the finances for my own physical therapy practice, but they’ve taken a lot of stress off the PT practice owners I work with by moving them to digital processes. Their proactive approach to monthly bookkeeping and accounting aligns with the strategic consulting work we do and we’ve since found opportunities to go to market together.
Brian G.
{Paro was a critical resource for Forager during our VC fundraise. By helping us leverage decades of industry experience to articulate the more intricate financial data we needed, we were able to improve our pitch deck and complete our diligence. Paro’s responsiveness, flexibility, and total transparency made it feel like Paro was an extension of our team.
Matt Silver
CEO and Co-Founder